Why you should start using TailwindCSS for your next project

Why you should start using TailwindCSS for your next project

Everyone agrees that CSS is easy in the first start but as you go in deeper it becomes a lot messy and complicated over time. Remember how many lines of CSS code did you write in your last web project?

In this article, we will try to explain why Tailwind is good for business. A framework where you can reduce your CSS lines by 70% to make your job easier and your website more professional and suitable for the business you run.

What is Tailwind CSS?

Unlike Bootstrap or Foundation, the Tailwind framework gives the developer an easier way to get the job perfectly done. It will give you utilities, including margins, sizes, positioning, colours, and much more, to create your components, such as buttons and navigation bars. It is relatively more manageable than the other frameworks.

When did it begin?

Tailwind framework story begins in August 2017 with Adam Wathan, FullStack developer and Tailwind CSS creator. Around this time, Adam wrote an article explaining what drove him to create such a framework.

The idea was to give the CSS properties a functional name. However, with this approach, we write a lot more CSS classes. Most importantly, we spent a lot of time finding the right class name that describes its usefulness.

Given that it is relatively new, many developers are now using Tailwind to build websites in the easiest way possible. This also gives their clients satisfaction and functionality since they are always happy with the final product and delivery speed.

The difference with other Frameworks?

With Bootstrap, to make a blue button, we would apply the classes:

<button class="btn btn-primary"> Bootstrap btn </button>

With Tailwind, there are a few more classes to apply to. Indeed, since each class has only one goal, a greater number is needed to obtain a component such as a button. So, we would apply:

<button class="bg-blue-700 text-white px-5 py-3 font-bold rounded">
  Tailwind btn

We get the same visual result as our Bootstrap button. However, this Tailwind button is much more customizable and adaptable to the context since each property can be changed directly in our HTML on the fly.

Tailwind is not opinionated, unlike Bootstrap and other Frameworks based on a system of prefabricated components. That is to say that Tailwind offers us a range of tools allowing us to build our HTML elements ourselves.

It should also be noted that not interfering in HTML semantics also allows us to solve a problem that has become common and which occupies a large part of our work today: finding a correct name for an element. Tailwind takes care of this for us, making the creation of elements even faster and especially less blocking during an integration phase.

Benefits of Tailwind CSS For Businesses.

Both big and small businesses are now switching their gaze from old frameworks to Tailwind CSS. They have found it both easy and cost-friendly. These are some of the benefits Tailwind CSS will provide to your business.

Customizable CSS Data.

The basis of making Tailwind was established upon the endeavour of making it easily customizable from the bottom to the top. Therefore, its configuration made it very easy to override using tailwind.config.js file.

Your business’s website will be simple and easy for customers to navigate through. The developer working with Tailwind CSS will have better control over spacing, fonts, and colour, making their job more comfortable and the website efficiency higher.

Speed ​​of development

To lead a healthy business, speed of application, delivery, and sales are critical. By using Tailwind CSS, you will meet deadlines and ever end your development tasks before time runs out.

Tailwind framework allows you to do fast customizations, prototyping, and implementing custom designs faster than any other CSS frameworks available and, without a doubt, much quicker than writing custom CSS from scratch.

If you use tailwind for your business, you will hand in all the necessary tools to build a good website without writing custom CSS.

Promotes Teamwork

Tailwind is very easy to understand, which makes newcomers integrate within the team smoothly.

You will no longer spend days or weeks looking for a well-experienced developer to join your team. Tailwind is simple and will make your business grow faster.


Tailwind is a great CSS framework, and it introduces a different way of how a CSS frameworks works. It provides you a set of utility classes that can be used to create your unique and custom design with ease. In my opinion, this is a neat way to create user interfaces that are more flexible to developers’ creativity. So would you like to try tailwind in your next project?

Hamza Bargaz
Hamza Bargaz
2021-03-02 | 4 min read
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