What we do

We help you build an important connection with your customers by building products, services and applications that solve your users' problems


Product Strategy

All great products start with a clear strategy that is customer and market-driven. We will ensures that you work on what matters.

Some of our strengths includes:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audit existing analytics
  • Project requirements
  • Engineering recommendations
  • Roadmap planning

UX & UI Design


Through user-centric strategy, we understand your customers actual needs in order to craft innovative solutions, websites & mobile applications that creates an intuitive and pleasurable user experience.

Some of our strengths includes:

  • Information architecture
  • Prototype application
  • Usability testing
  • Visual style guide
  • Figma & Invision prototyping


Web & Mobile Development

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and competence for working with a wide range of technologies that best serve our clients' and their specific needs.

Some of our strengths includes:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Tachyons
  • Vanilla JavaScript, ReactJS & ReactJS Native, VueJS, Angular
  • Python: Django, celery, nameko, RDF, Graphenne (for GraphQL), AWS Lambda
  • GoLang
  • MySQL, Redshift, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, noSQL
  • Circleci, Codeship, Jenkins

Cloud Computing


We're on a mission to help you gain the maximum benefits of the cloud. We deliver cloud strategy, migration & automation.

Some of our strengths includes:

  • Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Engine & other cloud services
  • Nginx, Apache & Kong API Gateway
  • Infrastructure orchestration (Kubernetes & Saltstack)
  • Infrastructure launch configuration (Terraform)
  • Service discovery and live configuration (Kubernetes secrets)
  • Docker containers to build a Microservices Architecture


Our mission and ambition is to challenge the status quo, by doing things differently we nurture our love for craft and technology allowing us to create the unexpected.